Brown Red

Brown Red

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This is slightly sparkling brown red color dry nail applique (nail patch). 2 strips of 10 adhesive nail polish stickers, mini file and manicure stick are included.

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***100% Nail Polish
***Lasts up to 7 Days
***Zero Drying Time
***Zero Smudging

How to apply:

Step 1 : Clean and buff nails lightly.
Step 2 :
Select appropriate size.
Step 3 :
Remove clear plastic cover. Hold silver tab and peel away gently.
Step 4 : Place the rounded side at nail base.
Step 5: Smooth onto the nail surface.
Step 6: Remove surplus by folding nail polish sticker under the nail. The excess tears away easily. May file off excess in a gentle downward motion.

Tips: Start with pinky and work towards index. Apply thumbs last.

To remove:

Dry nail applique (nail patch) can be removed with traditional nail polish remover.


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